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Master Song List for Catholic Music Projects

Hi all, I’ve created a Master Song List for all the Catholic Music Projects. They are arranged alphabetically to make a specific song easier to find. I will turn this post into a page and have links to the albums in the near future. Thanks! Master Catholic Music Project Songlist[…]

bd cake

The Gift of Life and Another Year

Today is my birthday. I guess that allows me to be profound and think about the bigger picture. Time marches on and the days come and go. With each day I become more aware of what a gift life is and how quickly it passes. Only other people are suppose[…]

New Blogs

Greetings, I will be starting a couple of new blogs in order to help let people go to the areas the are interested in here at MLJ. The main site will continue to hold everything and the storefront, but the blogs will have a different address. The new blogs are:[…]