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My habits… go from good to bad. I start doing great, then all of a sudden…crash. Is this you too? I commit again and again. I make progress for a while and then nothing for a while. Laziness? Maybe it is just part of the human experience. Or something more?[…]

A Boogie Woogie Player’s Best Friend

Boogie Woogie- it’s all about that bass or rather the left hand. It is the groove and the foundation that everything rests upon. If your foundation is not solid, the rest of the house falls down on top. There is one tool that is essential to building the chops you[…]

Living the Arts

March 19. Where does the time go? I believe that artists have an unique perspective of time and what their role is in society. We are not happy just to exist and earn a living. There is a need to create and express what is inside – you reason for[…]