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Boogie Woogie Power Pack!

Great news Boogie Fans! I’m working on a package of everything here Boogie at MLJ. One price for all albums and sheet music! Please stay tuned for details as the package gets put together.

The Daily Battle-Overcoming the Beast

Just finished reading some Steven Pressfield books; The War of Art, Do the Work and Turning Pro. His insights are spot on. Resistance. Fear. procrastination. Self Doubt. They never go away; they have to be defeated. Artists have to deal with this every day. We are always being judged and[…]

New Album…Just Released… $5.00… One Day Only

Boogie Woogie! New Album…Just Released… $5.00… One Day Only We’re happy and (and relieved) to announce a new Boogie Woogie Album: Boogie Woogie Swing Dance. 16 all new and original Boogie Woogie and Blues numbers by Orlando Boogie pianist Jon Sarta. To celebrate our first new Boogie Woogie release in[…]