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New Catholic Music Project: #19 – Hope

Excited to share the latest release in the Catholic Music Project Series. This one is the nineteenth recording entitled “Hope”. Selections include traditional and current favorites used in the Church today. As with previous albums in this series, they are recorded simply with introductions and endings and usually with all[…]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Words of peace, love and togetherness are what the world needs to hear. In spite of the hate, MLK chose the love and forgiveness that ultimately cost him his life. His message is needed to be heard now more than ever. Our world needs unity and peace and we can[…]

New Age Piano

2018 greetings! I’ve been posting mostly on Facebook lately so not much going on here. Trying to change that this year, but we’ll see!   Started posting in the New Age category under my full name Jonathan Sarta with the last 2 albums; Peaceful Walk and Peaceful Piano Christmas Carols.[…]