2 for 1 Sale until Sunday

MLJ Music


2 for 1 Sale until Sunday

Good afternoon fellow pianists and piano music lovers,
Until Sunday I’m going to be giving away a free copy of anything at MLJ
Music site if you buy one.
Yes, CD’s, Album Downloads or Sheet Music. Your choice. In Catholic Christian, Boogie Woogie, Disney or Pop

Here’s where you can get it:


I’m doing this as my way of letting you know how much I appreciate your support.

We’re all busy. As you might know, I’m playing at Church, Disney World and doing a bunch of recording here in the studio.
I feel bad about not keeping up with posts or what’s going on in your lives. This is just my way of saying thank you.

Here’s the deal:
Put 2 of anything in the cart. If  you want more than 2, the offer still is good.
The cart will automatically apply the discount. No need for a code.

Your discount will appear. If you get a CD, shipping will be free for the free one.

Once again, here’s where you can get it:


Please remember…

This offer is for this mailing list only. It’s not open to the general

public and it will only be up for 72 hours and then the

offer will come down for good. If you’re not on the list, join!

So if you want to get 2 albums or sheet music for the price of 1 go the MLJ Music website now:


But once more, that offer will be coming down within 72

hours. Once the countdown clock hits zero, the offer will

be gone for good.

Thanks and keep in touch,