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Couple of Videos

Starting to get regular about posting some videos. I record a lot but usually neglect the video side. So, like anything else, the first ones will be pretty rough and then they will gradually improve. Here’s 2: one from my …

Boogie Woogie Power Pack!

Great news Boogie Fans! I’m working on a package of everything here Boogie at MLJ. One price for all albums and sheet music! Please stay tuned for details as the package gets put together.…

New Boogie Woogie Album available soon!

Hi! We are in the final stages of putting together our latest Boogie Woogie offering- Boogie Woogie Swing Dance! Just waiting on the album art and it will be good to go.
Here’s a taste of what’s to come: 

A Boogie Woogie Player’s Best Friend

Boogie Woogie- it’s all about that bass or rather the left hand. It is the groove and the foundation that everything rests upon. If your foundation is not solid, the rest of the house falls down on top. There is …