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Contemporary Christian Album releasing soon

Greetings all, I has been a while since I’ve posted anything. That is not to say life has not been full! I’ve been working on the latest album, a collection of well known Contemporary Christian music. It is a solo …

Steven Foster Piano Collection

The Steven Foster Piano Collection is a collection of classic American songs by Stephen Foster and played by Jon Sarta. The melodies are memorable and have been a part of American folklore for over 150 years. The songs recall a …

New Age Piano

2018 greetings!

I’ve been posting mostly on Facebook lately so not much going on here. Trying to change that this year, but we’ll see!


Started posting in the New Age category under my full name Jonathan Sarta with the …

New Disney Album!

Happy to announce a new Disney album – the 3rd one in the collection. This one is entitled A Wonderful World of Magical Songs and Lullabies. It concentrates on less known but no less beautiful songs from classic movies. Please …

Set in Stone

New Piano Solo piece for Students

Just finished a new song for intermediate level piano students. It is called Set in Stone. Easy to play with a memorable melody. The mood is reflective. Check out the video here:

Sheet Music is available here on our site …


Happy New Year! Hope you are excited and ready to get to work on your goals and dreams. My list is long and hope to share some new developments shortly. A quick recap of 2015:

Disney Piano Classics Video on …

The Final Website Redesign

Just finished a major overhaul of the MLJ website. The last theme just did not work out at all. I think you will find this one much easier to navigate. Among the improvements are :

  • An area for Sacred Music,