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Latest Podcast and book discoveries

Just a quick note to share some podcasts and new books I’ve been reading. They have really opened my world up to what is possible and I hope they might give you some fresh insights as well. Couple new songs in the works. I’ll post them soon. Thanks for reading[…]

Daily Bread to Start Your Day

Daily Bread: Thoughts to Start Your Day

Good morning! I usually spend the first part of the day reading, thinking about the bigger picture and writing in my journal. I try to do this everyday day but you know how that goes. Life has a way of getting you back and forth with your plans. This blog[…]

The Gift of Life and Another Year

Today is my birthday. I guess that allows me to be profound and think about the bigger picture. Time marches on and the days come and go. With each day I become more aware of what a gift life is and how quickly it passes. Only other people are suppose[…]

The Daily Battle-Overcoming the Beast

Just finished reading some Steven Pressfield books; The War of Art, Do the Work and Turning Pro. His insights are spot on. Resistance. Fear. procrastination. Self Doubt. They never go away; they have to be defeated. Artists have to deal with this every day. We are always being judged and[…]

Living the Arts

March 19. Where does the time go? I believe that artists have an unique perspective of time and what their role is in society. We are not happy just to exist and earn a living. There is a need to create and express what is inside – you reason for[…]