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2 for 1 Sale until Sunday

Good afternoon fellow pianists and piano music lovers, Until Sunday I’m going to be giving away a free copy of anything at MLJ Music site if you buy one. Yes, CD’s, Album Downloads or Sheet Music. Your choice. In Catholic Christian, Boogie Woogie, Disney or Pop Here’s where you can[…]

From the Unreal File

So today in the mail addressed to “Catholic Piano Music” – of course without a return address – a Jehovah’s witness flyer. Really… Pope Francis declared this the Year of Mercy, so I won’t write what really is on my mind. So just a polite no to the person who[…]

Catholic Piano Meditations

Catholic Music Project 17: Piano Meditations

Catholic Piano Meditations Greetings! Just started a new project that I would like to share with fans of Catholic and Christian music. Entitled Catholic Piano Meditations, this will be different than the usual Catholic Music Project Series which focused on accompaniment style playing. Catholic Piano Meditations are much freer and[…]

New Disney Piano Music Album

Disney Piano Music If you are a fan of Disney Piano Music and enjoyed the album Disney Piano Classics, you will love the second piano music recording in this series, Piano Classics from The Magic Kingdom. Piano Classics From The Magic Kingdom Piano Classics from the Magic Kingdom is a second album[…]