Catholic Piano Meditations

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Catholic Piano Meditations

  • Release date: 2016-03-17
  • Label: MLJ Music
  • Catalog #: CMP-17

Catholic Piano Meditations

Beautiful solo piano versions of well known & loved Christian Hymns.

Our latest release, Catholic Piano Meditations is the 17th recording of the Catholic Music Project series. In previous recordings, the emphasis has been on accompaniments. In the Catholic Piano Meditations album, the style is improvisational. This style of playing would be used during Presentation of the Gifts or after Communion as a reflection piece. If you are not fortunate enough to have a musician for your mass, a full service can be arranged from this series.

Here is an example for an upcoming Sunday from my church: (numbers are from the Gather Comprehensive Hymnal).

June 12 11th Sunday in O.T.

GATHERING: All Are Welcome 753Catholic Music Project 7

PSALM: 51, Be Merciful, O Lord 56  – Catholic Music Project 12: Psalms 2

PRESENTATION OF GIFTS: Now We Remain 694 – Catholic Music Project 7

COMMUNION: One Bread, One Body 830Catholic Music Project 2

Change Our Hearts 394Catholic Music Project V: Lent

CLOSING:  For The Beauty of the Earth 572 – Catholic Music Project 2 or this album


SERVICE MUSIC: Kyrie,Gloria, Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen and Lamb of God: Mass of Christ the Savior: Catholic Music Project 16: Service Music

Gospel Acclamation: Celtic Alleluia: Catholic Music Project 16: Service Music


By making a playlist either by MP3 or burning a CD, you can have a full Mass accompaniment ready to go. I am often surprised by customer emails of how many Masses I play at each weekend!

Just so you know: All music in the Catholic Music Project Series and on this album – Catholic Piano Meditations – is 100% natural and organic. It is just me – Jon Sarta – on a Steinway Grand Piano and some good mics. I process the recording a bit for warmth and clarity but that is all. All tracks are one take and not compiled from multiple takes. I have been a Music Minister for 25 years and a professional musician for 35 years. These recordings are as close and real as you can get to having a live professional musician at your disposal and for your accompanist. My wish is for this project to fill a need for those without access to a good pianist for Mass, prayer services or private devotions.


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Catholic Piano Meditations

Available in CD & MP3 format

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