XVI: Service Music – Catholic Music Project

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XVI: Service Music – Catholic Music Project

  • Release date: 2013
  • Label: MLJ Music
  • Catalog #: CMP-16

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The Catholic Music Project 16: Service Music is a collection of Mass settings used in the United States and Canada. Each are played as piano solos, with intros and endings to accompany singers. This CD allows the user to have a complete service accompaniment when used with previous Catholic Music Project recordings. By creating a MP3 playlist or burning a CD, a group leader can plan a service for any Liturgical Season.

Music for each of the Mass Settings is available in Current Catholic Hymnals and Missalettes. Vocal edition music for The Mass of St. John Neumann. is available by email request free of charge with the purchasing this CD. Audio examples of the piano and full band versions are available on the MLJ Music Website with vocals. See our website for links to the other publishers for their Mass settings.

Pianist Jon Sarta is currently a Director of Music and Liturgy. For Jon’s bio and a list of other recordings, please see our website, All recordings are also available as downloads on our site, iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.

Cath Howards’ St.Peter’s Spring graces the cover of our latest release. Believing that imitation is the highest form of flattery, she views art as a way to reflect God as Creator and she believes that creation is a “silent sermon. To view her gallery and for more info visit her website: Cath Howard.com

Catholic Music Project 16: Service Music

Available in CD & MP3 format

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