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My habits… go from good to bad. I start doing great, then all of a sudden…crash. Is this you too? I commit again and again. I make progress for a while and then nothing for a while. Laziness? Maybe it is just part of the human experience. Or something more?

I’ve been reading about how the Seven Day Adventists always honor the Sabbath. Nothing interferes with it. I think the wisdom of God created the Sabbath just as much for us in addition to  honoring him. This constant busyness gets to be like the gerbil on the wheel – going all the time but getting nowhere. In church work, Lent through Corpus Christi certainly can feel that way. Summer is almost here and it is time to reflect on this more. In any field we have quiet and busy time. Maybe we have to schedule the downtime as well.  I think an extreme schedule makeover is in order.


Agree or disagree? What are your thoughts?