New Catholic Music Project: #19 – Hope

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New Catholic Music Project: #19 – Hope

Excited to share the latest release in the Catholic Music Project Series. This one is the nineteenth recording entitled “Hope”. Selections include traditional and current favorites used in the Church today. As with previous albums in this series, they are recorded simply with introductions and endings and usually with all verses. This makes the album perfect for vocal accompaniment or just for your listening pleasure.

Recorded mainly on my 1983 Steinway B. Two tracks were recorded with a virtual Ravenscroft Piano as an experiment.

They are one take, without cut and paste or extreme processing so the listening experience is as a close to having a live pianist with you as possible. Here is the tracklist:

1.You Alone 3:48
Sarah Hart & Dwight Liles/ OCP Publications

2. Deep Within   5:09
David Haas/ Gia Publications

3. For All the Saints.  3:11
Ralph Vaughan Williams/ Oxford University Press

4. In Every Age.  3:50
Janet Sullivan Whittaker/ OCP Publications

5. Seed Scattered and Sown
Dan Fieten/ Ekklesia Music

6. Song of Farewell.   4:46
Ernest Sands/ OCP Publications

7. The Coming of Our God.  2:48
Traditional/ Public Domain

8. Throughout All Time   2:53
David Haas/ Gia Publications

9. This Joyful Eastertide   3:20
Public Domain/ Traditional

10. We Will Rise Again.  4:14
David Haas/ OCP Publications

11. Alleluja Jesus Lebt 1:59
Traditional/Public Domain

12. Wir Loben Dich.  2:28
Public Domain/ Traditional

13. Wohin Soll Ich Mich Wenden.  2:46
Traditional/ Public Domain

14. What Is This Place.  2:37
Public Domain/ Traditional

Tracks 11-13 are from the Austrian Catholic Church Hymnal. Thanks to Ed Hadner for bringing them to my attention. The cover is from an old German Lutheran Bible circa 1880 I found in an antique store in Orlando. The pictures and text are simply beautiful.

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