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Honky Tonk Train Boogie CD

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Honky Tonk Train Boogie is 14 hot new Boogie Woogie, honky-tonk, barrelhouse, and blues piano CD.

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Honky Tonk Train Boogie is 14 hot new Boogie Woogie, honky-tonk, barrelhouse, and blues piano pieces recorded in two days in July 06 at the MLJ Music Studio in Clermont, FL. As consistent with this style and the policy of MLJ Music’s classic jazz recordings, no overdubs, punch-ins, or other studio tricks are used. Recorded on a Steinway B Grand Piano with all its little noises and occasional rattles. Piano transcriptions are available for all songs.

Tracks List

1. Honky Tonk Train Boogie – The title track is the right hand of Honky Tonk Train Blues by Meade “Lux” Lewis (1927). It came about by wondering, “What would this sound like if I used this bass?…”
2. If Schroeder played Boogie Woogie – If the little guy from the Peanuts cartoon cut loose, this is the groove I thought he’d play.
3. Sweet Emily Boogie is for my middle girl.
4. R-R-Repeatin’ B-B-Boogie – quick single notes makes it a challenge.
5. Inchin’ Down the Highway – stuck in traffic, listening to bad rap from other cars
6. A Mighty Boogie Indeed – Just lettin’ it rip
7. Danielle’s Reading Chair – one for my oldest while in her room doing what she loves best; reading.
8. Friday’s Boogie – The weekend is here! I guess it would sound like this in 1930.
9. “Eh, What are you Gonna Do?” – What my 80 year old Aunt Mag says about everything. Pretty profound when you think about it. The partner song is #13. Together is the wisdom of the ages.
10. Erica’s Dancing Feet – My baby is rhythm in motion, she moves so fast. She flits like a hummingbird.
11. Short and Sweet – Just the facts (Like Joe Friday from Dragnet)
12. Running Boogie – A lot of patterns and just keeps going and going…..
13. “It’s a Shame” Blues – See #9.
14. End of a Long Day Blues – Time for home and to just kick back.


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