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Project Boogie CD

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Project Boogie is a collection of improvs done in the MLJ Music studio. They evolved by taking a simple groove or idea and developing it. If the overall feel of the track merited it being a keeper, it was left in even if there were some rough spots. This is the essence of Boogie Woogie as done by the pioneers; Ammons, Lewis, Yancey, Johnson, not always pretty, but raw and powerful; the songs worked and each one had its own quality. This is the reason I prefer not to punch in to cover mistakes or to make a “perfect” album. I strongly believe that excessive post-production is not in the spirit of traditional Boogie Woogie.

Cover and Back Cover Photos: To go with the theme of “Project Boogie”, I found these photos on the Smithsonian website. They date from the 1940’s. The ladies are working in a factory taking apart pianos for the metal, which was to be used in airplane engines for the war effort.


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