The latest from MLJ

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The latest from MLJ

Greetings, Feeling grateful to live in Orlando instead of the North this time of year. Hoping all my northern friends are doing OK dealing with the weather. Personally, I’d still rather sweat in the summer than freeze in the winter, but each to their own.
On this website, the downloads are finally working as planned. It is much smoother than the old system. Still have a lot of little things left, but the main systems work, so that is good.
Just started a new promotion: 30 off 3. If you review any of my music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or Google + (3 sites) I’ll send you a code for 30% off your purchase. Reviews are really important to us independent artists, so it would be awesome if you have a chance.
Finally, I just published an ebook “Your Adoption Story” on Kindle. It is a Children’s book about an adoption -parents, birthmother, child. It is illustrated by Laura Haering.


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