What’s the Story about MLJ Music?

MLJ Music


What’s the Story about MLJ Music?


So, what’s the deal here? You come here looking for either Boogie Woogie, Catholic Music, Christian Hymns, Disney tunes or Pop music. You look around and see all these choices. What’s the connection?

The connection of course is piano.. Piano solos, piano accompaniments, piano Boogie Woogie improvs. There is so much good music and so many songs to play. I like to think it keeps me balanced. I think of MLJ as a record label like Sony or Arista and lots of “Mini me’s” as artists. It is just a representation of what a working professional musician does. On weekends it’s my incredible Catholic Church home Resurrection in Winter Garden playing for our parish. We do a variety of old and new music and I also write a bit. Some weekends it is a chance to play somewhere at Disney World. Selections run from Disney classics to classical to boogie woogie to broadway show tunes. Then it can be a recording session at the studio, a funeral or wedding at the church or a gig at a local restaurant. Sometimes it’s a show at Disney like the Hoop Dee Doo or ragtime piano on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I am blessed with a variety of challenges which keeps me sharp.

That is why MLJ Music has such a wide range of styles. I’ve often wondered what the best way to approach the focus of the site is. Still haven’t figured it out, but I’ve decided “So what?” You all can choose what you like and either explore new styles or simple ignore them. I thank all of you who have listened to my music and especially thank those who have purchased something. Thank you for allowing a worldwide reach and being heard in places I’ve never dreamed of visiting. I look forward to the future and new challenges.