Welcome 2014!

MLJ Music


Welcome 2014!

A new year. New beginnings for everyone. A clean slate and we get to start again. In my life and here at MLJ Music we are excited about new challenges in the music world. Some of the goals for this website are:

1. A weekly help guide for Music Directors and those who plan masses. I will share what we do at Resurrection Church in Winter Garden, Florida and how you can spice up some of the songs that go with the week’s liturgy. If you plan music and use our Catholic Music Project accompaniments, there will be suggestions for an order of service from our recordings.

2. A return to Boogie Woogie. I can’t believe it has been about 4 years since my last recording! A new Boogie album will be forthcoming.

3. Introduction of new artists and and some different styles. MLJ will begin the transition to be more of a Label than just my (Jon) own music. We will expand our reach and offer music not normally heard here. A New Year is a great time to do new things. Our Catholic Music Project series will continue to grow and seek to be a better resource for all our brothers and sisters supporting the church. Please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions. I will do my best to help.


Thanks for your support! Happy New Year!

Jon Sarta
MLJ Music 1/1/2014