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The latest from MLJ

Greetings, Feeling grateful to live in Orlando instead of the North this time of year. Hoping all my northern friends are doing OK dealing with the weather. Personally, I’d still rather sweat in the summer than freeze in the winter, but each to their own. On this website, the downloads[…]

New Music

Been really fascinated with the new disco coming out. Just finished a track so here it is: February Delight – On Soundcloud   Buy   Post a comment!

A place you might not know about at Disney’s Epcot.

One of my music “Personalities” is being an on-call musician at Disney World.  I have been there since 1989 on a part time basis and it is always great to get the call and to see what today’s challenge is. My usual spots are Grand Floridian Hotel Lobby, Main Street[…]

Welcome 2014!

A new year. New beginnings for everyone. A clean slate and we get to start again. In my life and here at MLJ Music we are excited about new challenges in the music world. Some of the goals for this website are: 1. A weekly help guide for Music Directors[…]