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Catholic Funerals Hymns

Hymns for Catholic Funerals Birth, life, death. The cycle is endless. In the Catholic Church, a Funeral Mass is a celebration of of the deceased entering into the joys of heaven. Music plays a vital role in the Funeral Liturgy. New and Traditional Catholic Hymns can be woven together to[…]

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here is a list of what will be  happening for the music at Resurrection Catholic Church (in Winter Garden, FL) this weekend: August  17                              20th Sunday in OT GATHERING:  Here I Am to Worship    (Tim Hughes) PSALM:  66, Let All the Earth    Gather Comprehensive # 65 (Haugen) GIFTS:  Beautiful One   […]

The Final Website Redesign

Just finished a major overhaul of the MLJ website. The last theme just did not work out at all. I think you will find this one much easier to navigate. Among the improvements are : An area for Sacred Music, Jazz, and Pop. Lyrics for many songs. More will be[…]

New CD Release: Solo Piano Works II

Solo Piano Works II  is a collection of standard Jazz and Pop favorites along with three new pieces by Jon Sarta. These recordings are great for easy listening and also as vocal accompaniments if the need should arise. each are recorded with easy to follow introductions and ending. Some include[…]