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What a Friend We Have

Hi all, Some audio from mass on 8/6/17 at 11:30 Giselle Whiskey on Vocals. yours truly piano. A rough board mix with a little bit of processing afterward. Enjoy.  

Psalm for the Church

Hi all, There have been some “interesting” psalms during the summer months. For my chuch, I usually stick with the GIA or OCP varieties and then use seasonal ones when I don’t have an option except for chant. This year my pastor requested the psalm of the week each week.[…]

New Disney Album!

Happy to announce a new Disney album – the 3rd one in the collection. This one is entitled A Wonderful World of Magical Songs and Lullabies. It concentrates on less known but no less beautiful songs from classic movies. Please check out the album here. It is available as a[…]

Latest Podcast and book discoveries

Just a quick note to share some podcasts and new books I’ve been reading. They have really opened my world up to what is possible and I hope they might give you some fresh insights as well. Couple new songs in the works. I’ll post them soon. Thanks for reading[…]